• Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizer
• Integral Straight Blade Stabilizer
• Integral Sleeve Spiral Stabilizer
• Spherical Stabilizer
• Roller Reamer
• Non-magnetic Drilling Material
• Drill-stem Sub
• Forging Stabilizer
• Forging Roller Reamer Body
• Forging Crossover
• BOP Forgings
• Forging tool joints of drill pipe
• Cutter/Pin/Block parts of roller reamer
• Lifting Cup
• Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter

Headquartered in Houston TX USA, Tri Wave LLC is a professional supplier of drilling tools, accessories & forgings.

Working as the partner of customer, technical supporting is always provided to customer by our engineer team such as detailed drawings and specifications.

Up to now Tri Waves drilling tools and drilling materials have been proven the high quality and performance in drilling activities all over the North America, South America, Australia and North Europe.

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